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Privacy and Cookie Statement


This is the Privacy and Cookie statement of NetCam. In this statement we explain how NetCam deals with personal data. We obtain this information through our Web shop (hereafter: the “Web Shop”) and corporate. (hereafter: Corporate Website). In addition, we acquire personal data when customers contact us offline, for example to request information. This statement also pertains cookies we use on the Web Shop.


In this Privacy and Cookie Statement of NetCam, the following terms are used:

Web Shop: The Web Shop and every other by NetCam appointed Web Shop, URL or application.

Interaction: the use of functions in the Web shop like the Wish List, Checkout, Newsletter Sign Up, My Account, Auctions and Chat.

Web Shop Visitor: a customer visiting the Web Shop for the first time that does not interact with the Web Shop.

Web Shop Customer: a customer who interacts with the Web Shop.

Account: the account a customer has to create through the Web shop to be able to place an order.

Privacy and Cookie Statement: NetCam’s Privacy and Cookie Statement.


NetCam respects the privacy of its customers, business relations and users of its Web Shop. We make sure that any personal data NetCam has obtained, is protected and treated confidentially.



To make your visit to the NetCam Web Shop as a visitor more appealing, NetCam collects information about your personal data and navigation behavior on our Web Shop, and whether you found our Web Shop through one of our ad partners. Amongst this data is for example:

  • Country
  • Viewed products
  • IP-address
  • How you entered our Web Shop
  • Where you leave our Web Shop
  • With what kind of device, you visit our Web Shop

Amongst other things, the above information is used to better understand Web Shop Visitors, to load the correct Web Shop and to show relevant ads.


For Web Shop Customers, we collect the same information as for Web Shop Visitors, supplemented with information the customer shares with us, for example:

  • Preferences in the Wish List
  • Ordered products
  • Contact information


To be able to place orders in the Web Shop, to participate in auctions and to leave reviews, you need an account. To create an account, you need to fill in the following (personal) information:

  • First and last name
  • E-mail address
  • Password

 The data mentioned above is used for the following purposes:

  • To create and manage your account
  • To counteract fraud, abuse and/or improper use of your account
  • To show the products you have ordered in your account
  • To optimize claims and to keep track of contact history concerning Web Shop orders and products offered by third parties

 The data is saved at least as long as you have an account with NetCam.


Through your account, you can place orders for products on offer in the Web Shop. As a part of the ordering process, you will need to provide us with additional information besides the information needed to create an account. This pertains to the delivery address:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Delivery address
  • Phone number
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • ABN number (if applicable)
  • CoC (Chamber of Commerce) number (if applicable)

The data mentioned above and your account information are used, among other things, for the following purposes:

  • To keep you informed about the status of your orders
  • To complete the order/agreement, amongst other things the delivery and so-called after-sales obligations.
  • Billing
  • To improve our service
  • To handle questions and complaints
  • To personalize marketing activities
  • To place orders on behalf of a company CHECKOUT – BILLING ADDRESS

After you have filled in the information pertaining to the delivery address, we ask the following data for your billing address:

  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Name
  • Billing address
  • Phone number
  • Payment method

 This data is used, amongst other things, for the following purposes:

  • To be shown on the invoice
  • To contact you concerning the finalization of the order, billing or delivery
  • To be able to receive payment and to optimize the checkout process
  • To prevent fraud and hacking
  • The selected method of payment and your IP-address are forwarded to our payment provider Adyen, after which they handle the payment ORDERS WITH THIRD PARTY SELLERS

Through your account, you are also able to place orders for products with third party sellers (hereafter: “Other Seller(s)”), which are offered on our Web Shop. NetCam forwards your name, address, email address and phone number to Other Seller(s) so they can handle your order.

NetCam uses a communication application for the communication between you and the Other Seller(s). This communication is stored on behalf of NetCam and can be viewed by NetCam. It is used to:

  • Support you and/or Other Seller(s) in case of questions and/or issues.
  • Assess whether Other Seller(s) adhere to the set service levels.

NetCam works together with Adyen to make order payments possible through the Web Shop. Adyen offers the following payment methods: PayPal, Visa Card, and Mastercard.

To make payments via Adyen possible, amongst other things, the following data is gathered:

  • Email address
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Name
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address
  • Phone number
  • Order value
  • IP address
  • Order number
  • Device
  • Method of payment

This data is used, amongst other things, for the following purposes:

  • To send a payment notification via email
  • To assess the risk of fraud
  • To forward the order number via email in case of payment or cancellation of the order
  • To forward the order value and payment method so that the reception of the payment through the chosen payment method can be verified. Furthermore, this way better service can be provided in case of questions about payment, cancellation and refunds. This also helps to reduce errors during the payment process, which makes the experience of ordering more pleasant.


 Through your account you can participate in auctions on the Web Shop. To participate in auctions you will need to, in addition to the information necessary to create an account, also create a so-called “bidder nickname”. Other customers can also see your bidder nickname.

This bidder nickname will be used in combination with your account- and order information for the following purposes:

  • Managing and organizing the auctions
  • Combatting and checking for fraud, abuse and/or unintended use.


You can create your own Wish List in our Web Shop. If you add products to your Wish List while logged out, they will remain on the list for 30 days.

Amongst other things, the following information is gathered regardless of whether you are logged in or out:

  • IP address
  • Surfing behavior

If you add products to your Wish List while logged in you can always find them under Wish List in My Account.

This data is gathered for marketing purposes so that NetCam can remember your Wish List when you return to the Web Shop.


You can review products from the Web Shop via My Account. You can only review a product if you have purchased it. When you leave a review, the following data is gathered so that the order and the correct review can be linked to the correct email address.

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Product
  • Order number

This information is used to add the product reviews to the Web Shop and to contact the customer in case of possible complaints. WEBSHOP REVIEWS

Through the Web shop you can review the Web Shop and (the service of) NetCam. Here too, you must first have placed an order to be able to leave a review. To assess the service of NetCam the following data is collected:

  • Name
  • Residence

The data is collected to be able to contact you and handle possible complaints.

Via the Web Shop you can leave a review by clicking the “Write a review” or similar link. After this you are forwarded to a third-party Web Shop, one of NetCam’s contract partners, that specializes in customer reviews. Through this website, you can place a review after you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the third party. This third party is responsible for the processing of your personal data. In this case, NetCam refers you to the (privacy) statement used by the relevant party. REVIEWS OF THIRD-PARTY SELLERS

When you purchase a product offered by a third-party seller (hereafter: “Other Seller(s), you will receive an email with the request to place a review of the product/Other Seller. If you leave a review, it will be placed on the so-called seller page of the relevant Other Seller. The following (personal) information is visible in the review on this page:

  • Review Other Seller
  • Experience with Other Seller/purchased product
  • Name

The above data is used for the following purposes:

  • Research into the customer satisfaction of NetCam and/or affiliated businesses.
  • Research into the customer satisfaction of Other Seller(s) and maintaining service levels for Other Sellers
  • Improvement of service and processes
  • Handling of questions and/or complaints
  • Checking for abuse (e.g., leaving multiple reviews/experiences by one and the same person) REVIEWS VIA OTHER CHANNELS

You can leave a review about NetCam via comparison sites that show NetCam products and prices. To leave a review the following data is collected:

  • Email address
  • Name

The data is collected to be able to contact the customer and handle possible complaints.

For more information about the collected data, you are referred to the privacy policy of the relevant other channel.


After you have placed an order with NetCam or after you have had contact with NetCam you can be approached to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. This survey is executed by an external party. If you participate in such a customer satisfaction survey, the following (personal) data will be processed:

  • Contact information
  • E-mail address and/or phone number
  • Experiences with (departments of) NetCam and/or affiliated businesses
  • Information about a placed or delivered order
  • IP-address

The above-mentioned information will, amongst other things, be used for the following purposes:

  • Research into customer service satisfaction concerning (departments of) NetCam and/or affiliated businesses
  • Improvement of service and processes
  • Handling of questions and/or complaints
  • Checking for abuse (e.g., multiple reviews/experiences by one and the same person)


If you have questions or complaints about a product you purchased from us via the Web Shop or about the service of NetCam or Other Seller(s) you can call us, e-mail us or chat with us. You can find the contact information in the Web Shop. It is also possible to use our online complaints form on the Web Shop. If you use the online form, we will ask for (at least) the following (personal) information:

  • First and last name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Order number (optional/if applicable)
  • Description of the nature of your complaint

When you use the chat feature, only your first and last name, e-mail address and the subject of the chat are requested.

The above-mentioned data is used for handling your complaint. If your complaint is about a product or service from an Other Seller this information will be shared with the relevant Other Seller, but only to the extent necessary for the handling of the complaint. RECORDING PHONE CONVERSATIONS

Phone conversations with our customer service can be recorded for training-, evaluation- or quality purposes. You will be informed of this the moment you contact our customer service by phone. The (personal) data that is recorded will only be used for the aforementioned purposes.

The recorded phone conversations are stored and secured in such a way that they are not accessible to unauthorized persons and they are never kept longer than needed for the specific purpose.


You can apply for different newsletters, both general and personal. The personal newsletters are sent based on, for example, your personal details and order history, so we can send you more relevant newsletters. If you wish to receive the free digital newsletters sent by NetCam and partners, we ask, among others, for the following (personal) information.

  • Title
  • First and last name
  • E-mail address

You can unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time by logging into your account and unsubscribing. Besides that, you can always use the unsubscribe-link in the newsletters.



We work together with third parties such as Google and Facebook. This means that the data can be stored on servers outside of Australia. Different legislations concerning personal data apply there. These third parties adhere to the Privacy Shield Principles and are affiliated with the Privacy Shield Program of the American ministry of trade. Businesses affiliated with this principle and program are considered businesses that adhere to the Australia security standard for personal data.


The NetCam-concern has several offices worldwide. These offices work closely together. Because of this it can happen that your data is processed outside the Australia. NetCam makes sure that your data is well protected within the entire concern.


NetCam can provide your personal data to third parties for the following reasons:

  • You have given your express consent for this
  • The agreement you have with us needs to be executed.
  • So that products you have ordered from (an) Other Seller(s) can be delivered.
  • Because NetCam has a collaboration with another party in the context of improving our products and services.
  • An obligation by law
  • For preventing or combatting fraud
  • If necessary for the business management of NetCam


NetCam does not store your information longer than necessary for the purposes your information is used for, unless the data has to be stored longer due to legal requirements (such as a retention obligation). How long certain data is stored depends on the nature of the data and the purposes for which it is processed. The storage period can therefore differ per purpose.


NetCam takes measures to sufficiently protect your personal data. To achieve this, we use means that fit our activities, the nature and size of our company, and the sort of data we process. We do this to prevent unauthorized access to, adjustment, disclosure or loss of personal data.

We expect that you also contribute to the safekeeping of your personal data by keeping your login details (e-mail address and password) secret. Never share your login details with anyone and treat them with care.


You can always access your own data, and adjust it if needed, by logging into your account.

If you don’t have an account, you can request any personal data about you that NetCam has. If the data is incorrect, you can ask NetCam to adjust it. Such a request concerning personal data can be sent via e-mail or through our complaints form to our customer service.


You can object to the use of your personal data free of charge. Your objection to the use of your personal data can be directed to our customer service via email or in writing. Within four weeks you will receive an answer from NetCam.

If you object to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes, NetCam will stop using your data for these purposes. You will no longer receive commercial emails – such as newsletters – from NetCam.


This Privacy and Cookie statement is not applicable to third party Web Shops that are linked to the Web Shop. Besides that, the Privacy and Cookie Statement is also not applicable to data collected by companies such as Google. You can adjust your preferences yourself in your Google account. Consult their privacy policy for this.

NetCam can in no way be held accountable or responsible for the way in which third parties and companies deal with your (personal) data. NetCam always advises that your read the Privacy and Cookie Statements on the Relevant Web Shops and from the relevant companies.



As with many Web Shops, NetCam uses cookies and files similar to cookies and technologies such as “web beacons” (hereafter: “Cookies”).

A Cookie is a small text file that is sent with the Web Shop page via your browser, it is then saved on a hard drive of your computer, phone or tablet.

Cookies are for example used to save passwords and personal settings, so that you don’t have to fill those in the next time you visit the Web Shop.

Below it will be explained how the Web Shop uses Cookies, where the Cookies come from and why they are used. For the optimization of our own ads and those from third parties the following data, amongst others, is collected:

  • Purchased products
  • Viewed products
  • Order value
  • How did the customer get on the Web Shop?

Below, we will describe how Cookies can be rejected and removed.


NetCam uses Cookies, such as Google Analytics to remember your chosen settings and entered data during your visit to our Web Shop. These Cookies make browsing our Web Shop easier because certain data does not have to be re-entered every time.

In addition, NetCam can use Cookies that are necessary to make the Web Shop function well, even when you visit the Web Shop on your mobile phone or tablet.


NetCam continuously tests its Web Shop to be able to provide the best user experience. Because of that, NetCam uses so-called A/B testing Cookies by third parties. With A/B tests, there are two different variants of the Web Shop, or parts of the Web Shop shown to visitors to determine which one works best. As such, this Cookie determines which version of the Web Shop you see.


On the Web Shop, Cookies are used that keep track of which pages you have visited. This information is collected, amongst others, by web analysis services Aol (Adserver), Alexa, Crazy Egg, Google Analytics, Pingdom, Hotjar and Piwik.

These web analysis services use Cookies to analyse how visitors use the Web Shop. The Cookies are used to save visitor information, such as the time the visit to the Web Shop took place, or whether the visitor has visited the Web Shop before and via which Web Shop the visitor ended up on the webpage.

To optimize the user- and customer experience of our Web Shop, NetCam uses Hotjar Web Analytics Service. Hotjar can register mouse clicks, mouse movements and scrolling activities. Hotjar also collects information about visited webpages, taken actions, the country you are in, the device you are using and the browser you are working with. Hotjar does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) that you do not enter voluntarily on the Web Shop. Hotjar also does not follow surfing behavior on Web Shops that do not use their services. Hotjar’s privacy statement contains a detailed explanation about how Hotjar is used: You can always choose to not have your information gathered by Hotjar when you visit our Web Shop, go to the ‘Opt-out’ page on the Hotjar Web Shop and click on ‘Disable Hotjar’ to do so.

The generated information about your Web Shop use is, in most cases, sent to the servers of the relevant web analysis services. The web analysis services use this information to evaluate how you use the Web Shop, to create reports about the Web Shop activities and to offer you other services pertaining to the use of the Web Shop and the internet. NetCam uses the aggregated data from the reports for further optimizing of the Web Shop.

NetCam refers to the privacy policy of the relevant web analysis services in which is described how they deal with your (personal) data when their products and services, amongst which web analysis, are being used.


On the Website, Affiliate Cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of ads placed on behalf of NetCam on third party websites. This way the affiliate partner can be rewarded by NetCam for their online advertising of NetCam. Through these Cookies it can be checked via which affiliate partner you reached our Web Shop, whether ads are effective and if they did actually lead to a sale in our Web Shop. They do all of this without the exchange of personal data.


The Web Shop uses retargeting Cookies to show relevant ads to returning visitors of the Web Shop. With these Cookies, a profile of your surfing behavior can be built so that the ads correspond with your interests. The ads are shown on ad partners’ Web Shops and on social media. Criteo

Amongst other things, Criteo’s retargeting Cookies are used. For more information about the data Criteo collects, we refer you to the Criteo Privacy Policy. Google Adwords & Analytics Remarketing

NetCam uses Google AdWords & Analytics remarketing services to show ads on third party Web Shops (including Google) to previous visitors of NetCam. This can mean that we, for example, show ads to a visitor that has not completed their order, or has just completed their order. The ads can be text- or display ads within the Google Display Network.

All collected data is used in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie Statement from NetCam and Google’s privacy policy. You can set your ad preferences via the Google Ad Preference page. Retargeting Cookies third party Web shops

On third party Web shops (such as online marketplaces), retargeting can also happen. NetCam Cookies are then used to show relevant ads to previous visitors of these other Web Shops.


On the Web Shop, you can use (for example) social media buttons from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

As soon as you visit a page on the Web Shop that has social media buttons, your browser connects to the relevant social media provider. Through this, the provider obtains information about the pages on the Web Shop you visited with your IP-address.

If you are logged in to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ during your visit to the Web Shop, your visit can be linked to your account. If you use the buttons, by clicking the Facebook ‘Like’-symbol for example, then the relevant information is sent to and saved by the relevant provider via your browser.

The purpose and scope of the data collected through social media buttons, as well as further processing, the further use and the duration of the storage, are exclusively determined by the providers of the buttons. You can read more about this in the privacy policies of the relevant providers.


You can accept or decline Cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Every browser is different, so NetCam refers you to the information page of your browser or the user manual of your phone for the setting of your Cookie preferences.

If Cookies are completely switched off, it is possible that you cannot use all the functions of the Web Shop. If you use different computers at different locations, you have to make sure that every browser is set to your Cookie preferences.

You can always remove Cookies from the hard drive in your computer, phone or tablet. Consult the information page of your browser or the user manual of your phone or tablet to learn how to do this. Please note: when you disable your cookies completely, it is possible that not all functionalities on the web shop can be used.


The contents of this Privacy and Cookie Statement can be amended. The most current version can always be found on the NetCam Web Shop. NetCam advises that you regularly check this Privacy and Cookie Statement, at least before you provide NetCam with personal data.


If you are curious about what NetCam can mean for you, would like to get more information about participating in the affiliate program or the conditions under which you can become an official NetCam reseller, you can contact NetCam. This can be done by phone or via email. The address and phone number can be found on the Web Shop.

The personal data you provide to NetCam for this purpose will only be used for providing you with the requested information.


If you have any questions about this Privacy and Cookie Statement, do not hesitate to contact NetCam.

Should you have any questions about this Privacy and Cookie Statement, do not hesitate to contact NetCam.


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